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The I.R.S.

"Pay us and go to jail."

Alright folks so it looks like it may just be time for my first ranting post. If you are not one for dealing with upset rants then I highly suggest skipping over this update and just moving on to the next one as soon as it is readily available.

Now on to business. In the past couple of weeks I have been (somewhat) patiently awaiting my Federal tax returns to little avail. In a fair and common attempt to locate where my hard earned and easily taken dollar was I went through the average channels only to repetitively be made aware of the incompetence and lack of sincere involvement on the behalf of the dreaded I.R.S. The least I would expect out of a Federal agency is to have competent technical professionals able to at least maintain a functioning service through their website, however that is the furthest thing from the truth. In actuality, they appear to have very little interest in the common man as they provide little to no information regarding the average mans tax returns.

Sure they offer a quick and vague explanation of their system undergoing “unforeseen issues” and though they offer a less than comforting apology for “the inconvenience this may cause”  they have done little to adjust the program or provide any further information regarding the current state of the problems they are facing. Perhaps I was going a bit too far in assuming they had a competent technical engineer however I am most assuredly not over stepping my ground in assuming they at least have a reasonable public relations person…they are the Federal government after all.

I can understand expecting disappointment and a complete lack of sincerity and care for their underlings from such an institution, however I do not feel alone in my anger that stems solely from them taking my money and then refusing to provide a straight answer as to its location.

…but I suppose it all goes back to what my father told me as a boy, “Jim you would make a horrible doctor.” I would ask him why that was and it was the same answer every time, “…because you don’t have any patience.”


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"...how far does the rabbit hole go?"

Well here we are ladies and gentlemen. Despite my better efforts I have finally succumbed to the apparent overwhelming need to create and maintain one of these blogs in order to establish oneself as a credible and recognizable writer in today’s society. Though I find this thought to be sickening I am a realist and have decided to live by the old adage, “If you cannot beat them,  join them.”

And so here I hope to supply any who would care to stumble through during their all consuming browsing of this massive heap we like to call the Internet with a steady (though admittedly less stable) flow of my personal thoughts and observations, as well as a series of more professional pieces in the form of formal reviews of the local music scene of Massachusetts’ North Shore (all of which will be easily accessible via a conveniently organized drop down menu of categories to the right of the page).

So I guess that is all. Bear with me as I learn how to make this page a more enjoyable experience for you, the reader.  After all, here is to you…

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